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Our Repeater Controllers

We believe that our repeater controllers have the best price/performance ratio in the industry. Besides good value, there are several good technical reasons to choose NHRC:

  • Electrically quiet design
    Our controllers feature a "bus-less" design. This dramatically reduces EMI and the consequent interference problems and noise that can come with conventional microprocessor-based controllers.
  • True Speech
    Speech synthesizers sound so eighties. Many of our repeater controllers offer true speech that sounds much more natural and intelligible than old-fashioned speech synthesizers.
  • Status Display LEDs
    All of our controllers, except the NHRC-2, have status display LEDs that make controller installation and setup a snap.
Compare NHRC's Repeater Controllers
This grid allows you to compare features of our repeater controllers.

This is our very smallest controller. It can be used as a conventional repeater controller, an IDer, or a beacon controller. It measures 2" X 1 1/4", allowing it to be installed almost anywhere with mounting tape.

After 15 years, we could no longer get the parts for the NHRC-2 any more. We sold thousands of NHRC-2s, so it was a tough thing for us to try to top it. We think we did with the NHRC-2.1: it's the NHRC-2 with twice the voice storage, plus a real CTCSS input and fan control output. The NHRC-2.1 continues the tradition of the NHRC-2, an inexpensive repeater controller with 4 stored voice messages. Available as a partial kit or assembled and tested.

We've continued to enhance one of our most popular repeater controllers, making it even more powerful and easier to use. The NHRC-3.1 has 8 real speech messages you record, diagnostic status LEDs, a CTCSS input, multi-tone courtesy tones, a fan control output, two digital outputs, two courtesy tone select inputs, NHRC's unique audio test feature, simpler, more user-friendly DTMF programming, and free Windows-based programming software.
The NHRC-3.1 can control a full-duplex, simplex, or link repeater.

Our inexpensive linking repeater controller, as seen in the September 1998 issue of 73 Amateur Radio Today. Available as both a partial kit and assembled and tested.

A linking repeater controller with real stored speech, digital I/O, an auxiliary audio input, etc. A highly integrated design, with state-of-the-art components, results in a powerful, reliable, but still affordable, repeater controller.

The NHRC-7 is a true dual-port bridging repeater controller. It can be used for two duplex repeaters, a duplex repeater with a link radio, or to build a bi-directional cross band repeater with simplex radios. This allows a variety of unique applications, including inter-system radio bridges. Each port can have it's own ID message, or no ID at all, making the NHRC-6 ideal for interoperating with IRLP systems. The NHRC-7 includes a dedicated control receiver port, digital inputs and outputs, and flexible CTCSS encoder control.

An Advanced Repeater Controller with autopatch, remote base, control receiver input, remote control of most Icom HF Tranceivers, including the IC-706 Mk II G, 10 minutes of real stored voice, 6-slot voice mailbox, etc.