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About NHRC

There are a few important things that set NHRC apart from our competition. We want you to know why you should purchase our products.

Superior Engineering

We cut our teeth in the aerospace, biomedical, and computer industries that the New England area is famous for. We've built products you have used, seen on television, read about in the pages of Popular Science, and possibly saved or supported your life. We have engineered products to stringent military, aerospace, and FDA requirements. We have built award-winning software solutions.

Now we have applied our experience and education to our own business, where we can draw on our years of industry experience to design and manufacture superior repeater controller and related solutions that you can use, and that you can afford.

Unsurpassed Experience

In addition to our engineering experience, we are all avid amateur radio operators who own and operate repeaters. We have extensive contacts in the land-mobile radio industry, and have excellent relationships with many of the country's top radio shops.

We have been building and designing repeater controllers since 1992, and been operating NHRC LLC since 1998. We have sold thousands of repeater controllers and related accessories to federal, state, and local governments, two-way radio shops and government contractors, amateur radio clubs, and individual amateur radio operators all over the world. There are NHRC products operating repeaters in all 50 American states and six of the seven continents! There is probably a NHRC controller operating a repeater near you.

Constant Improvement

We strive for constant improvement. There's no such thing as "good enough" at NHRC. We are always working to improve our existing products, or to advance the state-of-the-art in repeater controller technology. There are always several new NHRC products under development. As technology improves, and our users needs change, we are constantly working to bring our customers effective and attractively priced repeater controllers and related accessories.

Our Values

We have certain convictions about the proper way to operate our business that we believe are instrumental in our success:


Our customers deserve quality products at reasonable prices.


Our customers deserve the best service we can give. We refuse to have unsatisfied customers, and will do whatever we can to make sure every customer is happy with our products.

Fair Treatment.

Our customers, vendors, employees, and other business partners deserve to be treated fairly.


("Keep It Simple, Stupid.") Our products are designed to be easy to install and use. We design for a low parts count, which reduces complexity and increases reliability.

We want NHRC to be your first choice when you buy repeater controllers.

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