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The History of NHRC LLC

Founded in 1998, NHRC LLC is a company formed by Rich Cox, N1LTL, Peter Gailunas, KA1OKQ, and Jeff Otterson, N1KDO. Over the years, we tried many different controllers for our repeaters, but we never found any that we really liked. We decided that we could build better repeater controllers than we could buy.

In 1992, we designed the NHRC-1 repeater controller. The NHRC-1 had every feature we could imagine, so we could implement our dream repeater systems. The NHRC-1 prototypes we built worked very well, and we learned a lot from them. However, the design used about 80 ICs and had far too many pots. We decided it was not practical to continue development of the NHRC-1. The NHRC-1 project was ultimately killed in 1995.

We talked to our friends who also ran repeaters, and asked them what they really needed from a repeater controller. In the Spring of 1995, their input led to the design of the NHRC-2, our first commercially successful repeater controller. In many ways, the minimalist design of the NHRC-2 repeater controller was a reaction to the overkill of the NHRC-1. Our friends could not believe that we had crammed so much functionality into a repeater controller with only four chips!

We decided to share our design with more people than our immediate friends, so we wrote an article about the NHRC-2, which appeared in the February 1997 QST magazine. When we submitted the article, the editors at QST suggested we might sell a "few dozen" partial kits for the project. We were shocked and surprised when we received over 500 orders in the first month after the article was published! Since then, we have sold thousands of NHRC-2 partial kits. The NHRC-2 may be the most popular repeater controller ever!

The amazing and unexpected success of the NHRC-2 led us to believe that there might actually be a market for inexpensive repeater controllers, so, in January 1998, we formed NHRC LLC.

In the years since the NHRC-2, we have created and sold fifteen additional products, all repeater controllers or related equipment. We have sold thousands of repeater controllers to our customers worldwide, including amateurs, commercial radio operators, and government agencies. All of our controllers continue to provide the same benefits as the NHRC-2 -- a very usable feature set, with a minimalist electronic design, resulting in practical and inexpensive products.

We strive for constant improvement. There are usually several new NHRC products under development. As technology improves, and our users needs change, we are constantly working to bring our customers effective and attractively priced repeater controllers and related accessories.