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NHRC-10 Advanced Repeater Controller
The NHRC-10 Advanced Repeater Controller represents the current state-of-the-art in repeater controller design. It utilizes the latest technology available to provide maximum functionality with the lowest number of parts, resulting in very reliable operation. The NHRC-10 continues the NHRC tradition of products with an exceptional price/performance ratio.

The NHRC-10 includes powerful functionality formerly reserved for much more expensive controllers, at an affordable price. This advanced functionality includes frequency-agile remote-base control of ICOM HF radios, (including the IC-706 Mk II G,) a phone patch that supports individual exchange enable/disable for four area codes, true speech prompts and IDs, a user audio check feature, and six voice mailboxes for club announcements, user-to-user messenging, etc.

[Picture of NHRC-10 Controller]
[Picture of NHRC-10 Cabinet]
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  • True Speech
    • Four real speech ID messages you record yourself.
    • Three real speech tail messages you record yourself.
    • More than 90 real speech canned words used for controller messages and prompts.
    • Speech can be custom recorded for local language support.
    • Six-slot Voice Mailbox.
    • Audio Test Mode records user's audio and replays to user.
  • Autopatch
    • Full-duplex autopatch.
    • 250 Autodial slots.
    • Support for up to 16 area codes with grant/deny access control to each exchange.
    • Ten emergency autodial slots.
    • "Reverse Patch" & DTMF control over telephone.
      - Dedicated DTMF receiver for telephone control.
  • Link Port
    • Allows remote base, link radio, or slave repeater to be connected.
    • Unique courtesy tones indicate link/remote base status.
    • Link port can have DTMF control.
    • CI-V control of most Icom HF radios, including the IC-706 MkII G, provides a frequency-agile remote base.
  • Other Features
    • Separate control receiver audio input with dedicated DTMF receiver.
    • DTMF receiver is available for link port if control receiver is not installed.
    • LiTZ & 911 message support.
    • Will play dedicated voice message in response to LiTZ or 911 tones to tell user how to use emergency autodials, what other repeater to use, etc.
    • Transmitter Fan Control Output.
    • 13 timers.
    • Over 70 control operator functions.
    • Five saved setup states.
    • Real sine wave audio tones.
    • DTMF access mode.
    • "Carrier," "Carrier and CTCSS," and "Carrier or CTCSS" access modes.
    • Granular security allows tailored control operator access.
    • DTMF pad test.
    • Jumper-selectable audio de-emphasis for main and link receivers.
NHRC-10 Assembled and Tested
Advanced Repeater Controller
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