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NHRC-10 Programming Software
The NHRC-10 Repeater Controller Programming Software allows NHRC-10 owners the ability to edit and save NHRC-10 repeater controller configuration data on their own windows computer.

The software communicates to the controller through the controller's CI-V interface connector. A CI-V level converter is required to interface the controller with the computers RS-232 port. The CI-V converter is not supplied by NHRC.

The NHRC-10 Programming Software is supported by NHRC-10 firmware version 1.2 and newer.

Here are some screenshots from the program.

[control operator settings]
Control Operator Settings

[courtesy tone settings]
Courtesy Tone Settings

[patch settings]
Autopatch Area Code Settings

[patch exchange settings]
Autopatch Exchange Access Settings

We have decided to make the NHRC-10 Programming Software available to our NHRC-10 customers free of charge, but with no support beyond the user guide.
We strongly recommend that you do not install this package from the web. Instead, download it to your computer, virus scan it, and then install it.
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