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NHRC-10 Firmware Updates

NHRC is pleased to announce NHRC-10 Firmware version 1.14.

The following corrections or changes have been made since version 1.00.

NHRC-10 Firmware Version History
Version Release Date Description of Changes
1.00 05/07/2000 Initial release of NHRC-10 firmware.
1.01 07/09/2000 Added support for dialing prefix for autopatch area codes.
1.02 09/07/2000 Fix for slaved repeater mode.
Fix for CI-V invalid frequency entry.
1.03 09/09/2000 Fixes for area code readback, initialization bug for area codes, race condition in tone generation.
1.04 09/25/2000 Fix for link port slaved repeater mode turn off.
1.05 11/17/2000 Fix for zero hang time problem.
1.06 04/16/2001 Fix for improper CI-V mode readback for "FM"
1.07 05/20/2001 Support for 16 area codes with 25LC640.
1.08 08/21/2001 Added support for CW letter courtesy tone.
Added support to optionally mute DTMF by dropping PTT, rather than muting audio.
Added remote base idle shutoff timer.
Added feature to allow phone patch dialed number feedback to be optionally suppressed.
1.10 11/10/2001 Mute remote base audio when controller is talking.
Fix for remote base muting during DTMF access mode.
1.11 12/17/2001 Fix No ID problem when remote base is active but repeater is idle.
Fix bug that allowed commands to be accepted when controller is in DTMF access mode.
Fix bug that would play disabled message after leaving DTMF access mode.
1.12 12/04/2002 Ignore DTMF on main and link inputs unless CAS/CTCSS inputs are valid.
LiTZ now works on link port.
1.13 12/23/2002 Changed command prefix 10 from audio test to digital output control.
1.14 06/09/2003 Fix for drop ptt to mute DTMF not re-asserting PTT fast enough.
Enable both CTCSS Required and Dual-Squelch modes to require CTCSS when the repeater is idle, and use carrier squelch the rest of the time. (This allows a 1750 Hz decoder to be used on the CTCSS input.)
Automatically disable CI-V tune mode when either remote base auto-shutoff timer ends or DTMF access mode timer times out.
1.20 11/01/2004 Support for NHRC-10 Programming Software.

To order upgraded firmware, please contact the factory.

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