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NHRC-3.1 Repeater Controller
An Inexpensive Repeater Controller
with Real Stored Speech
The NHRC-3.1 is the latest generation of of NHRC's popular NHRC-3 Repeater Controller. The NHRC-3.1 offers many improvements over the NHRC-3 and NHRC-3+, including free Windows-based serial programming, an alarm input, NHRC's unique audio test function, active-high and active-low inputs, two digital outputs and two courtesy tone select inputs.

The NHRC-3.1 continues the long standing tradition set by the NHRC-3. It has a tremendous amount of functionality packed in a design with a very low parts count, resulting in exceptional reliability at an affordable price.

The controller is programmable by sending DTMF sequences, or with NHRC's free Windows-based programming software. The CW ID, hang time, ID timer, timeout timer and tail message counter can all be programmed by the user. All programming is password-protected, and is stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory.

[Picture of NHRC-3.1 Controller]
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  • Easily integrates with any repeater.
  • 8 user-recordable, non-volatile voice messages for duplex mode, each up to 30 seconds long:
    • Initial ID Message
    • Two "Normal" ID Messages
    • Timeout Message
    • Two Tail Messages
    • Alarm tripped message
    • Audio Test track
  • Simplex Repeater Controller mode.
    • Plays CW or Voice ID.
    • Stores up to 90 Seconds of speech.
  • CAS, CAS and CTCSS, CAS or CTCSS and DTMF Access Modes
  • "Intelligent" ID algorithm.
  • Dedicated Fan Control/Digital output.
  • Six Programming Commands.
  • 35 Control Operator Settings.
  • Six user commands.
  • Five saved setups.
  • Touch-Tone remote control and programming.
  • Hang timer, ID timer, Timeout timer, Fan Timer, and CW messages stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Two Digital Inputs
    • Courtesy Tone Select 1.
    • Courtesy Tone Select 2.
  • Two Digital Outputs.
  • Receiver audio gating allows use of non-squelched receiver audio.
  • Jumper-selectable receiver deemphasis.
  • Jumper-selectable high- or low-going COR and CTCSS inputs.
  • LED CAS, CTCSS, PTT, and DTMF indicators. LEDs can be disabled for low-power applications.
  • Connector for optional NHRC-DAD Digital Audio Delay, to fully mute DTMF and help eliminate Squelch Crashes.
  • Connector for optional Communications Specialists TS-64 CTCSS Decoder.
  • European ID mode supports 1750 hertz tone burst and European ID rules.
    (Requires external 1750 hertz decoder.)
  • Extremely low power consumption.
NHRC-3.1 Repeater Controller
with Real Stored Speech
NHRC-3.1 PROG Serial Programming Cable  $35
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