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NHRC-3/M2 Repeater Controller
An Integrated Repeater Controller
for General Electric MASTR II Mobile Radios
The NHRC-3/M2 is a version of our popular NHRC-3 Repeater Controller that plugs in to the GE MASTR II. [Picture of NHRC-3/M2 Controller]
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  • Plugs in inside a General Electric MASTR II mobile with no complicated wiring. Fits in Base Stations, too!
  • A single connector interfaces an optional CommSpec TS-64 for full CTCSS encode and decode.
  • 4 user-recordable, non-volatile voice messages:
    • Initial ID Message
    • Normal ID Message
    • Timeout Message
    • Tail Message/Custom Courtesy Tone
  • "Intelligent" ID algorithm.
  • 3 Operating Modes:
    • Duplex Repeater Controller
    • Simplex Repeater Controller
    • Link Controller
  • Touch-Tone remote control and programming.
  • Hang timer, ID timer, Timeout timer, and CW ID stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Audio gating allows use of non-squelched receiver audio.
  • LED CAS, PTT, and DTMF indicators.
  • Supports optional NHRC-DAD digital audio delay for squelch tail elimination/reduction and total muting of DTMF.
  • Extremely low power consumption.
NHRC-3/M2-0 NO voice storage
for links, remote receivers, etc.
Retired Product
Special Order Only
Call Factory
NHRC-3/M2-90 90 seconds voice storage
for ID messages or simplex repeater.
Retired Product
Special Order Only
Call Factory
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