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NHRC-3+ Repeater Controller
An Inexpensive Repeater Controller
with Real Stored Speech
The NHRC-3+ is a new, enhanced version of NHRC's popular NHRC-3 Repeater Controller. The NHRC-3+ offers many improvements over the NHRC-3, including simplified programming, a CTCSS input, multi-tone courtesy tones, a fan control output, four digital outputs and two courtesy tone select inputs.

The NHRC-3+ continues the tradition set by the NHRC-2 and NHRC-3. It has a tremendous amount of functionality packed in a design with a very low parts count, resulting in exceptional reliability at an affordable price.

The controller is programmable by sending DTMF sequences. The CW ID, hang time, ID timer, timeout timer and tail message counter can all be programmed by the user. All programming is password-protected, and is stored in non-volatile EEPROM memory.

[Picture of NHRC-3+ Controller]
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  • Easily integrates with any repeater.
  • 4 user-recordable, non-volatile voice messages for duplex mode:
    • Initial ID Message
    • "Normal" ID Message
    • Timeout Message
    • Tail Message/Custom Courtesy Tone
  • Simplex Repeater Controller mode.
    • Plays CW or Voice ID.
    • Stores up to 90 Seconds of speech. (67 seconds when using Voice ID mode.)
  • CAS, CAS and CTCSS, CAS or CTCSS and DTMF Access Modes
  • "Intelligent" ID algorithm.
  • Dedicated Fan Control/Digital output.
  • 6 Programming Commands.
  • 29 Control Operator Settings.
  • 3 User Commands.
  • Two saved setups.
  • Touch-Tone remote control and programming.
  • Hang timer, ID timer, Timeout timer, Fan Timer, and CW messages stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Two Digital Inputs
    • Courtesy Tone Select 1.
    • Courtesy Tone Select 2.
  • Four Digital Outputs.
  • Receiver audio gating allows use of non-squelched receiver audio.
  • Jumper-selectable receiver deemphasis.
  • LED CAS, CTCSS, PTT, and DTMF indicators. LEDs can be disabled for low-power applications.
  • Connector for optional NHRC-DAD Digital Audio Delay, to fully mute DTMF and help eliminate Squelch Crashes.
  • Connector for optional Communications Specialists TS-64 CTCSS Decoder.
  • European ID mode supports 1750 hertz tone burst and European ID rules.
    (Requires external 1750 hertz decoder.)
  • Extremely low power consumption.
NHRC-3+ Repeater Controller
with Real Stored Speech
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