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NHRC-4 Version 3.0 Software
NHRC is pleased to announce the NHRC-4 version 3.0 software. Version 3.0 is a completely new implementation of the NHRC-4 derived from our latest code base. We wanted to make the controller easier to use and as powerful as we could without changing the hardware.

The NHRC-4 Version 3.0 Sofware is compatible with the entire NHRC-4 line, including the NHRC-4/M2 and the NHRC-4/MVP. It is a drop-in replacement of the microprocessor chip.

We have released all new documentation for the NHRC-4 series repeater controllers with software version 3.0. All new NHRC-4 products will ship with the new version 3.0 software.

This list describes the new features in the version 3.0 software. Version 3.0 includes all previous NHRC-4 features.
  • easier to program -- no more hex codes!
  • DTMF access mode
  • separate command prefixes for link and digital output control
  • adjustable Morse code speed and pitch
  • more courtesy tone options
  • two saved setup states
NHRC-4 Version 3.0 Manuals

Consult the web pages for the NHRC-4, NHRC-4/M2 and NHRC-4/MVP controller hardware documentation.
NHRC-4 Version 3.0 Upgrade Includes new microcontroller IC and printed documentation $29.00
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