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NHRC-7 Bridging Repeater Controller
The NHRC-7 is an enhanced version of NHRC's popular NHRC-6 repeater controller. It includes all the features of the NHRC-6, and adds an additional DTMF decoder for a dedicated control receiver input, four digital inputs for alarm and/or telemetry, flexible CTCSS encoder control, and up to four digital outputs for control applications.

Just like the NHRC-6, this controller can be used to control two duplex repeaters, a duplex repeater with a link radio, or it can be used to create a variety of radio bridging applications, including a bi-directional cross band repeater with simplex or duplex radios.

[Picture of NHRC-7 Controller]

[Picture of NHRC-CAB-2 Rack Chassis]
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The NHRC-7 has two radio ports. Each radio port supports a receiver and a transmitter. Each receiver is individually configurable. Receiver configuration includes such parameters as receiver enable (on/off), access mode (CAS, CAS and CTCSS, CAS or CTCSS, and DTMF,) timeout timer enable, and DTMF muting. Each receiver can specify which transmitter(s) will be used to repeat the receiver's audio.

Each transmitter is also individually configurable. Transmitter controls include transmitter enable (on/off), hang time enable, courtesy tone enable, ID enable and selection of one of two CW ID messages.

The architecture of the NHRC-7 allows the controller to be used in a variety of different applications. These applications include simultaneous control of two repeaters, each with it's own ID message, control of a repeater with a link radio, including linking modes compatible with IRLP and full-duplex link environments, as well as the controller forming a "bridge" in conjunction with two transceivers, allowing simple and reliable linking of completely separate radio systems.

  • Two radio ports.
  • Three DTMF decoders
    • Radio 1
    • Radio 2
    • Control Receiver
  • Can support the following configurations:
    • two duplex repeaters.
    • duplex repeater with link radio.
    • two back-to-back transceivers.
  • Carrier, Carrier and CTCSS, Carrier or CTCSS and DTMF Access Modes.
  • "Intelligent" ID algorithm.
  • Flexible CTCSS Encoder Control.
  • 56 Control Operator Settings.
  • Eight User Commands.
  • Five saved setups.
  • Distinctive Courtesy Tones indicates active receiver ports.
  • Dedicated Fan Control Output/Digital Output.
  • Four digital inputs for alarm and/or telemetry.
  • Two or Four digital outputs for remote control applications.
  • Touch-Tone remote control and programming.
  • Hang timer, ID timer, Timeout timers, Fan Timer, and CW messages stored in non-volatile memory.
  • Individual audio gating on each port allows use of non-squelched receiver audio.
  • Jumper-selectable receiver deemphasis.
  • LED *CAS, *CTCSS, *PTT, and *DTMF indicators for each port.
  • Connectors for each port to attach optional NHRC-DAD Digital Audio Delays, to fully mute DTMF and help eliminate Squelch Crashes.
NHRC-7 Bridging Repeater Controller $289.00
NHRC-CAB-2 NHRC-7 Rack Chassis $70.00
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