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NHRC-PXP Programmer
for GE Phoenix SX and Delta SX

The NHRC-PXP consists of a programmer pod and Windows (tm) based software. They are used together or seperately to program General Electric Phoenix SX, Phoenix SX Scan, and Delta SX radios. (Note: the PXP does not support Delta SX combinations with a "downloading" control head, like S825.)

The programmer pod can be used without a computer to copy X2212s. It does this so fast, you will think it is broken.

When coupled with the Phoenix, PhoenixScan, and DeltaSX software, the NHRC-PXP will allow you to create new radio programs, edit existing programs, print a radio program report, and store radio programs in disk files. Click here to see a screenshot of the PhoenixScan software.

The NHRC-PXP software also includes a "raw mode" program that will allow the programmer pod to read and write X2212 data from binary disk files, and import Niles-compatible program files.

[Picture of NHRC-PXP Programmer Pod]
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NHRC-PXP Assembled and Tested
Phoenix SX Programmer
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